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17 Oct

Bill Bateman's Bistro

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If you've been anywhere around the area, you've more than likely come across a Bill Bateman's.  They may be a corporate outlet, an express location, or a franchise.  What started out as a single location on Harford Road back in 1987 has exploded into multiple locations around the area.  Mostly known for their wings, they do have a wide variety of items on their menu, of most intrest to us -- their crab soups!

Crisfield Crab Soup

The Crisfield Crab Soup is a tomato-based Eastern Shore favorite made with backfin crab meat.  Soup contains potatoes, carrots, corn, peas, onions, lima beans, possibly some celery, tomato, and crab meat added before it is served.

The first thing we noticed about this soup is that it is VERY thick.  Not so much soup, but more of a stew-like consistency.  The crab by itself has some flavor to it, albeit a bit muted.  Carrots are the big flavor here, as there is an exceptional amount of them in the cup, followed second by the onion flavor.  There is some spicing to the soup, which you notice on the back end.

Being almost a stew, everything is super mushy.  The carrots may be fresh, but the other vegetable flavors are bland.  You have to taste the crab before you mix it into the soup in order to taste it.  Otherwise, the carrot and onion flavors overpower everything else.  While it's ok on its own as a stew, because of the strong flavors, adding crab seems kind of pointless.

  • Review Date:10/19/2012 7:47pm
  • Atmosphere:Busy
  • Item(s) Ordered:Homemade Crisfield Crab Soup
  • Soup Style:Vegetable Crab Soup
  • Price:$5.75
  • Order Type:Cup
  • Crab Content:25%
  • Broth:20%
  • Additional Ingredients:55%
  • Spice:Average
  • Overall Impression:Average
  • Rating:



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Additional Info

  • Restaurant Name: Bill Bateman's Bistro
  • Address: 566 Gov. Ritchie Highway Severna Park, MD 21146
  • Neighborhood: Severna Park
  • Restaurant Type: Regional Chain
  • Mail order available?: No
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