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31 Aug

Fat Boys Crab Shack

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Fat Boys Cream of Crab Soup Fat Boys Cream of Crab Soup Photo Credit: Crab Soup Review

It may be considered the end of summer, but it's not the end of crab season!  If you're a typical Marylander, crabs are certainly going to be part of your weekends until the boats turn up dry.  With so many places to choose from, why not pick a shack?  Enter Fat Boys to the rescue, located in Crofton not far off of Rt 50.  Whether you sit in the shack or opt to dine out on the deck, brown paper tablecloths will be waiting for you, reminding you that the best season is crab season.

Cream of Crab Soup

Soups are served in cups or bowls.  Fat Boys' Cream of Crab soup is your standard cream-based soup with pieces of crab meat and sprinkled with Old Bay.  

The Cream of Crab soup contains large broken up bits of crab added to the cream base.  Singled out, the crab has a nice sweet flavor to it, and the meat seems like it was picked fresh from the shell.  But that's where the pleasantries stop.  The soup smell is a bit off-putting, as it smells mostly pasty, but kind of like glue.  Soup consistency is really thin, almost watery with a greasy flavor. Singled out, the crab meat has good flavor and seem like it was picked fresh from the shell, but the crab quality is not enough to save it.  Crackers add substance to the thin broth, but the pack we were served was stale and and just made the soup seem like a starchfest.

  • Review Date:8/31/2012 8:22pm
  • Atmosphere:Busy
  • Item(s) Ordered:Cream of Crab Soup
  • Soup Style:Vegetable Crab Soup
  • Price:$4.95
  • Order Type:Cup
  • Crab Content:20%
  • Broth:80%
  • Additional Ingredients:0%
  • Spice:Minimal
  • Overall Impression:Mediocre
  • Rating:



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Additional Info

  • Restaurant Name: Fat Boys Crab Shack
  • Address: 1581 Defense Hwy Gambrills, MD 21054
  • Neighborhood: Crofton
  • Restaurant Type: Local
  • Mail order available?: No

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